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@sydneysierota: Selfie with Taylor (x)

Harry’s reaction is so cute (x)

"Ed has heard a lot of the songs on the album but he hadn’t heard the first single, because the time that I was going to play it for him it was the day that ‘Sing’ had just come out’. I said, ‘no, we’re not making this about my music today, it’s all about ‘Sing’ today’, so now he’s finally heard it alongside the rest of the world," she added. "He has heard a lot of the new album, he’s got the inside scoop. I doubt he’ll tell though!" 



OK. now I think might be legit.

why?  because googling says that this grafitti is outside of Root Studios in Brooklyn….which is where Taylor was apparently photographed for her last Rolling Stone cover.

and I think we can all agree that she will have another Rolling Stone cover in the immediate future, so she has ample reason to be back in that building.

The same day she was with the guy from Rolling Stone someone tweeted this:

so I’d say it’s definitely from that shoot.

Taylor Swift attends the 2014 Teen Choice Awards, August 10th


ok but we need to keep talking about the iphone voice memos that will be on the deluxe edition 

we need to never stop talking about this


And now, after a long week, I’m about to be all…….

Taylor Swift in NYC  |  6/14/14